How to Change Baby’s Diaper?

how to change diaper

I know changing diapers is certainly not the favorite thing you like to do. But trust me you will end up doing it so many times that by the end of the journey you will be a pro at it. And maybe even you could add to on to more tips and share it with all of us.  

But if you’re a beginner let me take you through this.  At the beginning you will make a lot of mistakes like putting the diaper on backwards or lopsided or at times even getting a shower of baby urine from your baby boy. It’s a fun experience and moments that you will never ever forget. 

Like I always say before you get started keep everything you need nearby 


  • a flat surface 
  • clean diaper ( may be  2to 3 at handy) 
  • wipes 
  • diaper rash cream f your baby has a  diaper rash   

 If the baby is less than 1 month old then make sure you have cotton balls, warm water, a towel and a diaper rash cream ready.  

For older infants with diaper rash, you can use premoistened wipes- that is hypoallergenic, free of fragrance and alcohol.  


Wash: your hands and place your baby on a flat surface or changing table. 

Grip: make sure you either put on the safety straps or keep one hand on your baby. Never leave them unattended. In case you find them really distracted and cranky, deviate their attention by showing them some bright objects, toys. 

Remove: remove the used diaper. For this hold your baby’s leg with one hand and use the other hand to pull down the front of the diaper in a cleaning motion and tucking it under the bottom.  Always wipe from front to back. Hold their legs up so that they don’t touch the messy diaper.  

Clean: use a wipe or a wet wash cloth to clean your baby from front to back.  For your new born or baby with diaper rash wipe the entire area with cotton balls dipped in warm water. Make sure the entire area is kept dry.  Oh let me tell you if you have a baby boy keep a clean diaper or wash cloth over his penis while your changing so that you get his urine shower, 

Clean diaper: slide a clean diaper. if it is a disposable diaper , the adhesive tabs first goes  go at the back and it should be at the belly button level then pull the front part up between your baby’ legs. If you have a baby boy make sure the penis is pointing down so that they don’t pee out on the top of their diaper.  

Fitting– make sure the diaper is snug and not too tight. You should be able to place two fingers between the diaper and baby’s waist. Don’t make it too tight , as it  can cause irritation to their sensitive skin.  

 In case of new borns, where the umbilical stump is still intact, fold the tip of the diaper down so that the umbilical stump is exposed.  

Dispose– if it is a cloth diaper, shake the solid waste into the toilet and put the diaper into the diaper pail and get it washed. If you have a disposable one, make sure you tape it and dispose it in the trash can. 

If you’re travelling then carry a stash of plastic bags. Place the dirty diaper inside, tie the bag and toss it into the trash.

Clean up– once your done make sure you clean your hands well with soap or sanitizer.  

A few special tips just for you: 

For girls make sure you wipe from front to back. This avoids getting the poop in the vaginal area. Even if you see a whitish discharge inside the labia, make sure you clean that area with luke warm water but be extremely gentle. 

For boys, when he is undressed make sure you have a clean diaper or cloth covering his penis to avoid the fountain of urine. At time you might notice erections which are absolutely normal. Be extremely gentle when you clean around the penis and scrotum. And most importantly when you put on a new diaper, make sure the penis is pointing downwards to avoid leaks.  

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