Is Breastfeeding Easy?

Is breastfeeding easy

Breast feeding is an exclusively individual journey. It differs for each woman. 

Breast feeding is not just an act of providing milk to the baby; but it is about supporting the mother to recover after pregnancy; it is about emotional care for the mother, and it ensures bonding between the mother and the child; it gives time to the partners to enhance their relationship with each other and with the baby.  

An ideal lactation period is somewhere between 6 months to 1 year, giving ample time to bond and as a result enhance the physical growth of the baby. Physical health is a direct marker of the emotional well-being of a baby. A baby’s brain is not developed enough to express emotions and/or manipulate. If they have a reflux, they will be cranky. It is that simple for them. Therefore, a healthy breastfeeding journey is important for a mother to understand her child better. It is the most natural way towards sustainable health for a growing family.  

The journey of breast feeding goes by like a breeze for some women while, many others may not have a good latch to keep up with the feed. A woman may have certain physical ailments preventing breastfeeding – hence making the journey all the more difficult.  

Women may have the following problems, causing difficulties: 

  • Good milk production and a good latch, but severe sore and cracked nipples 
  • Good lactation but depressing environment to breast feed 
  • Not enough support to pursue this journey – as many find it embarrassing for a mother to breast feed in public, especially the modern generation. 
  • Lack of milk production and/lack of a good latch  
  • Mastitis – inflamed breast tissue causes severe pain while feeding. 

Due to pre-mature births, it is often likely that the mother and the new-born are kept away from each other. As a result, getting used to a mother’s touch is difficult for the child and thus making it harder for a new mom.  

Single mothers, mothers with mental illnesses, woman living in an unloving environment, and those women who have nobody to take care of them face difficulties while feeding the child. 

An easy breast-feeding journey is one which enhances the growth of the baby with time and allows the mother to recover and adjust to a new member post-partum, without any complications.  

The level of severity varies with the intensity of the problem – either in the mother or the baby.   

My view: 

Being a doctor and a mother myself, let me tell you breastfeeding experience for each mother is different. I really don’t think it is easy. It requires a lot of time, patience that needs to be invested. And it can be a steep learning curve too. But I would say the initial few weeks are tough. But once your baby learns to latch well and you have got a hang of it, trust me it is easy, comfortable and the entire process of pumping and storing is out of your mind. So just give it some time and you will get through this too.  

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