Baby Travel Checklist – Things to Carry While Travelling with a Baby

Things to carry while travelling with Baby

Travelling with a toddler is certainly not an easy task. It requires a lot of planning and organizing things. Let me tell you in spite of making a big long list every time I make a trip with my toddler and taking almost 2 days to pack my toddler’s bag, I eventually end up forgetting something or the other. 

So I thought probably I can help you in a small way by making a list of essentials which you must carry while traveling with your toddler.  

  • Disposable diapers, cloth diapers – most of the kids at the age of 12 to 36 months are not potty trained. It is essential to carry diapers, depending on the baby’s regular usage and the number of days that you will be staying away from home. Keep in mind that buying diapers at the new place may not be a good idea as the kid may have rashes or develop allergies to it. 
  • Diaper rash cream for those nasty rashes that the child might develop. Disposable cleaning pads and wipes to clean while changing diapers. 
  • Baby lotion to moisturize the baby’s skin and avoid dehydration; hand sanitizers to keep infections away; plastic bags to keep dirty laundry and linen or sometimes dirty diapers. 
  • Extra pair of clothes, pajamas – children are likely to soil clothes while eating or playing around.  
  • Mosquito repellent – skin friendly cream only, especially if you are going to tropical places.  
  • Old newspapers to dispose away waste, or to keep trash in plastic bags, until they can be disposed safely. 
  • Blankets wrap around while sleeping or to make beds while in transit, ensuring the comfort of the toddler. 
  • Feeding bottles, a kettle to boil the parts and clean them if provision is available. Carry multiple bottles to ensure that the baby is not using un-sterilized ones. 
  • Formula or milk powder or any supplementary food that the baby is used to. Breast feeding is best for kids who are continuing to depend on the mother. 
  • Water flask – with warm water separately for the baby. Avoid buying packaged water for as long as you can, else ensure the safety and hygiene of the place before buying water. 
  • Bib to keep the clothes clean while the kid is eating, pacifier, spoon, and cup that the kid is comfortable with. 
  • Snacks, biscuits, fruits, or cereal mix that the kid likes, for those spasms of hunger. 
  • Avoid plane food. Make a habit of carrying your own food, for as long as you can. 
  • Breast pads for lactating mothers and burp cloths. 
  • The baby’s bathing essentials – bath oil, soap, shampoo. 
  • Comb, towels, hand towels – avoid sharing or borrowing to keep the infections away from the kid. 
  • Their favorite toys, books to keep them engaged yet comfortable. 
  • A first aid kit – thermometer, medicine for flu, fever, cold, cough. Toddlers get sick in a new place very easily, because of low or developing immune system. Nail clippers to cut the growing nails. Calamine lotion for insect bites. Antiseptics, painkillers, ointments – cotton, band-aids. Remember to carry the kid’s personal medication, if on any. 
  • Carry a bag separately for toddlers. A diaper bag with all essentials that can be lugged around while in transit.

NOTE: Prepare well in advance for travelling with a kid, make a checklist as per the requirements of the child and pack up accordingly. Every child has different needs, so personalize the bags as per the kid. keep in mind that all facilities may or may not be available while travelling, so it is better to be prepared for worst case scenarios.  

The health care system and policies are different for different countries. Therefore, it is better to always keep in tough, with the family physician so that you can reach out to him/her while travelling and for a quick consult. Also, having travel insurance and health insurance comes in handy. 

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