Baby Shower Decor

Looking for some amazing baby shower ideas, don’t worry you are at the right place.

Have a look at some of the best , easy to do and crazy baby shower ideas.

BEES BABY SHOWER –with the promise of your baby born with a buzz in life just like bees – this theme is a perfect way of bringing in that BUZZ in your celebration. Bees are hardworking, determined, and diligent – which leads to the formation of a sweet nectar called honey. With the hope of your child’s life to be as sweet as honey, this theme is a wonderful way of signifying just the same

VINTAGE BABY SHOWER – old is gold. Keeping that in mind and with the promise of passing down heirlooms, old traditions, culture, cuisine, lineage, and a whole lot more, this theme is a perfect way of celebrating in a gender-neutral manner.Childbirth comes with a promise of refurbishing the old. It is an opportunity for the parents to stop, reset and live like a child again. Children come with the promise of a better tomorrow. They are a grounding force for many individuals.
Vintage – signifies a blend of both – the old and the new.

TEDDY BEAR THEME: teddy bears and balloons are a great décor item to celebrate the birth of your baby. It is low key, indoors and can be a private and intimate affair with only close ones to share the celebration with. This is a perfect theme for those who don’t want to go big on a party, but still want it to feel like one.

BUTTERFLY THEME: butterflies signify energy and growth from a shy introverted stage to a beautiful creature. With this theme, wish to energize the life of your baby and hope to be able to nurture them into wonderful adults.

TRAVELLING BABY SHOWER THEME –my personal favorite – any idea around travel can never go wrong. For avid travelers who are hosting a baby shower away from their homes, for parents who love travelling and want to instill the joy of it to their child, for a family of explorers this is the perfect them. Also, this is the time when your doctor will ideally tell you to decrease movement during your pregnancy. This is a great way to celebrate yet another adventure with full bash and pomp. 

PINK THEME – a great way of breaking the news of the birth of a baby girl. You can color code the party with either yellow sunflowers, or white daisies or pink flowers. World over pink is indicative of a girl. Although colors are becoming insignificant these days, pink is a beautiful and bright color.

MOON AND STARS BABY SHOWER THEME – The moon and stars symbolize a dreamy state of mind. They aspire big, they dream big, and they most certainly become big.
This is a great way of reminding oneself to dream big – both for the family and the baby.
It can be a source of inspiration for those who are celebrating with you.

COWBOY STYLE THEME – a great theme for those families living in the countryside. It gives a very cultural touch to the celebration. Cowboy – the name itself indicates the birth of a baby Boy. Cowboy hats, haystacks, cigar sticks as décor, red colored handkerchiefs, brown lollipops and many others can be used to indicate the same.

BLUE THEME – to celebrate the birth of a boy – many people world over prefer blue. As such there is no hard and fast rule, but blue is self-explanatory for those who do not know the gender yet. Blue onesies, blue décor items, blue cake, blue clothes, blue cupcakes, and all things blue is a great way of welcoming the baby boy. It can be an outdoor or an indoor event. This is a great theme if a lot of kids are invited to the party. Different shades of blue can be used to set up different backdrops.

PRINCESS STYLE THEME –To bring in the birth of a girl or your princess this is a great theme. All things related to castles, and tiaras and thrones can be used as décor. It gives a royal feeling to both the mother and the child.

BOHEMIAN BABY SHOWER THEME – for the love of outdoors and colors – this is an incredible way of bringing out that picnic basket and cool summery drinks. For a low-key celebration and a brunch, all you need is a perfect spot. The best way to bond with your loved ones before bringing in another human into your life. Being outdoors is a great way of indulging in outdoors sports such as badminton, football, disk and many more.

BEACH THEME – for those people living by the beach and enjoying a sea life, this is a great way to celebrate. It can be low key or a big celebration, depending on the community. All you really need is a few seashells, pearls, rocks, sand, coconut water, palm trees in the background a nice flowy dress, and the beach.

WINTER THEME – snowballs, snow man, and a burning fireplace is a perfect winter celebration. It is usually an indoor event. This theme comes with the promise of warm food, fuzzy blankets and stories to share in the holiday season.

BALLOONS THEME – to avoid a theme, keep it gender neutral, balloons are a great décor item. They can be used to decorate archways, walls, corridors inside the house and are even a great backdrop for pictures. To make it gender specific, you can use either blue or pink ones as well. Many people enjoy popping the same – after the party is over.

SPRING BABY SHOWER THEME – spring is the perfect time to soak in that vitamin d.  The sun is out after a long winter and so is your little one. It is the perfect time to have a brunch with all your best buddies.  You can add greens, the yellows to your décor.  Flowers are a great way of going sustainable with this décor.

ELEPHANT THEME: elephants are considered as one of the wisest creatures walking the earth. You can celebrate the birth of your baby girl, with the hope that she is born with the wisdom of the world. Elephants carry their babies inside their womb for almost 2 years. That is a really long time. Although humans cannot carry a child for more than 9 months, hope that the depth of it touches your child’s life forever.

HELLO WORLD BABY SHOWER THEME – if you are not someone big on themes, but still want a decently fashionable celebration – you can simply follow this trend. Hello world theme is gender neutral, aesthetic, and an incredible way of sharing the news with your loved ones. You can go all out on any color palette of your choice. There is a lot of flexibility in this theme. You can add in elements which are a constant reminder of your roots or culture. You can add in texture by using things adored by the family as décor


DOCTORS BABY SHOWER THEME – if you are from a family of doctors, and really want you baby to be one too, without imposing too much already – then this is the perfect theme for you. Also, it is the best way of reassuring yourself that if your baby is sick, a tribe of doctors will be at his/her feet to nurse the baby back to health. This is a very gender-neutral celebration. It does not necessarily have to be specific for doctor families. If the spirits are high, any theme works simply fine. 

CACTUS BABY SHOWER THEME – green is exploratory yet simple. It symbolizes nature in any shade and gives its true essence. A cactus is generally gifted to new mothers, newly married couple or those starting a new business or a job with the promise of it lasting forever. It also indicates strength and endurance while embarking on a new journey. Cactus is a symbol of growth and maturity – something that every parent wants for their child, without any inconveniences.

LITTLE LAMB BABY SHOWER – in many languages like Turkish, the baby or a child is referred to as a little lamb. It is endearing to their cultures. A little lamb signifies innocence, purity, and a very child-like nature. With shades of pink, blue or white it is the perfect way of not disclosing gender to outsiders, or simply be gender insensitive for those parents who are not bothered about it until birth. Something about a lamb indicates softness and tenderness.

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