Nursery Decor

As a parent we try to do the best for our child and it begins right from setting a beautiful nursery for your baby. Well I was so confused when I had to set up one for my baby and I had short listed a couple of them which I thought was so beautiful and would instantly bring a smile.

I thought I ll share them with you so that it could help you in some way.

GIRAFFE THEME: you can decorate your child’s nursery with a semi-jungle vibe. It can have wallpapers with flowers and giraffe toys to play with. You can also play with colors in this theme – mainly green, white and shades of brown. The yellow of a giraffe brightens up a room.

PINK THEME: perfect theme for your baby girl, especially if she likes pink. Pink bedspreads and pink dolls, with white wallpapers to complement the entire room. Pink is a chic, cozy and a comfortable color. You can add in pink curtains with a small dream catcher hanging over the bed for your baby.

WOODEN CABIN THEME: a wooden bassinet, a plush leather chair for feeding and a dark blue ottoman, are just the colors that can complement any home. Add in a plant and it elegantly enhances the room. A few toys, books on a wooden rack completes the nursery. It is gender fluid and loved by many – particularly those living in cabins or wooden houses.

PRINCESS THEME: a pink bassinet is perfect for your cheeky little girl. With a lot of lighting, glass windows, small chandelier and a nice wooden rocking chair- this is a very simple nursery setup. It can be easily upgraded according to your child’s evolving taste with age and time.

AUTUMN THEME: if you are into mellow colors and like to keep it down, this is the perfect theme. With dried leaves hanging around the room, a ladder to complement the white bassinet and the brown spreads and cushions – it gives a very autumn vibe. A basket can be used as storage, with white table tops and light brown covers to finish the autumn look.

CINDERELLA THEME: with whites and peaches as a background color and a bed in the shape of a pumpkin, you can literally call your baby girl – Cinderella. Colorful toys and story books all over the place, with hanging lampshades and white curtains, just completes the entire room to perfection.  You already have a nice story for your baby girl. I remember growing up to this story and it can be a super dreamy affair to look back to.

LITTLE LAMB THEME: little lambs are considered to be the most innocent creatures of all. They symbolize peace, diligence, warmth and love – in many cultures and languages. With this template in mind, you can design the room in a combination of light and dark colors. Adding in an element of a little lamb to enhance the significance. This is also a great idea for those living on a farm or a barn.

SHIP THEME: a little blue for that sailor boy of yours has a perfect old world charm to it. With blue bedspreads with fishes and anchors on the print, blue cushions, and wallpapers with fishes is a great ocean affair. The blue here signifies water and build this nursery with the hope that your baby boy grows up to be as vast and resourceful as water is to the entire human race.

JUNGLE THEME: if you love the jungle, but can’t live in one – bring the jungle to your home. Animal print wallpapers, with tall trees and monkeys hanging around – you can tell your kid thousand stories and there would still be more. It invokes a sense of adventure and a spirit to be close to nature in your kid.

WINTER THEME: to get that winter wonderland feel to your child – this is a greattheme. A fireplace would just complement it perfectly and a cozy sofa with plush cushions and a comfortable ottoman that doubles up as storage space for all the toys and books. A nice warm light colored rug to complement the wooden bed, finishes the theme perfectly.

GARDEN THEME: garden themed nurseries are much desired among people who love the outdoors. Floral wallpapers, white cart shaped bed, floral bedspreads or rug or curtains are a great way of doing up the nursery.

WHITE FAIRY THEME: fairies are well-wishers and in theory at least, make all your wishes come true. With this theme give your kid the feeling of being a fairy to them all their life. The color white complements this theme a lot.

ROYAL THEME:  a big, well ventilated nursery with spacious storage spaces and a huge white bassinet gives a royal touch to a nursery. For those who want to go big on the nursery this is a perfect blend of royalty and comfort for your kid.

For small and compact places, where in the feeding bed acts as storage space for the child’s needs is a great way of using space. It leaves sufficient room to walk around and play and a designated corner for the bed. A few multifunctional décor pieces, enhance the look and feel of the nursery.

FLOWER THEME: if you are a very simple person and like to keep the nursery a functional and a minimalistic place, white bassinet with a bunch of colorful flowers is the best. A small chair for your little one completes the look. The idea is that the nursery should be a breathable space for your child to sleep and play in.

VINTAGE THEME: vintage signifies old. It is a blend of the old and the new. To do up your baby’s nursery, you can add in pieces form your childhood or heirloom pieces passed down from generations in your family.  This is a great way of incorporating family stories and cultures in your child from very early on.

AIRPLANE THEME: if you want to incorporate the love for travelling and the world in your child, this is a perfect theme. With wallpapers filled with airplanes, and clouds and the sky this is a perfect combination of encouraging world wisdom in your child. You can put up a map of the world in the room with a globe and pictures of people from different parts of the world.

HARRY POTTER THEME: for all those who have grown up reading harry potter, and want to incorporate the same exciting feeling in their child – this is a very heart-warming theme. The characters, the castle, the wizards, the witchcraft is an umpteen number of stories for your child to grow up around.

MOON AND STARS THEME: dreams do come true as long as you don’t forget to dream. With this intention in mind, build a nursery for your child which allows them to dream big and work towards achieving their goals. 

ELEPHANT THEME: elephants signify wisdom, joy and playfulness all together. Wishing the same for your child put up elephants all over the walls of your room lighten up the nursery. The Indian god – Ganesha also has an elephant head. Baby elephants are the most joyous creatures alive.

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