Cradle Ceremony Decor

PUMPKIN THEME – Cinderella is a great story which explains that even something as simple as a pumpkin can take you places. With this theme wish for simplicity in your child’s life. Wish for them the courage to take chances, and grab opportunities in life – both personally and professionally.

SEA SHELL THEME – sea shells have pearls inside them. They are rock solid on the outside, but have something of value, worth and beauty inside. This theme will enhance your baby like your very own precious pearl. Children are considered as the most beautiful arsenal for a new and a growing family.   

LOTUS FLOWER THEME – lotus signifies peace and enlightenment in the Indian culture. This is a sacred flower and is used to worship gods and goddesses. Having a child is an act of creation. It is nothing less than divine. This theme signifies the divinity and purity in the act of raising a child into a young adult. Lotus grows in the mud, and yet blooms – wish the same for your child. It shouldn’t matter what the situation is – they must always bloom.

FAIRY TALE THEME – wishing all the blessings and wishes to come towards your child, fairy tale theme is a great idea to justify the thought. Fairy god mothers signify that if you ask for it, all your wishes will come true. This is a message to all the parents and parents to be, to be like fairies to their own kids. When the kids grow up, they will treat them back with the same gratitude.

FLOWER THEME – world over flowers are a symbol of love – eternal love. Cherish your baby’s birth with love like no other. Wish that no matter the situation at hand – your baby will be loved by everyone, to the best of their capacity. Wish for their safety, good luck and prosperity.

TRADITIONAL THEME– yellow and white flowers are the epitome of Indian décor. It signifies tradition like no other flower. It is divine, culturally rooted and presents a perfect occasion to dress up in the traditional Indian attire – be it a saree or a kurta-pajama or dhoti. So dress up your baby, put on that bindi, and go all out on this Indian way of celebrating the cradle ceremony.

MOON THEME–we have men and women, stationed in mars and on the moon. These people have written history by taking that plunge and following their dream. Wish the same for your child. That he/she attains heights like no other in life – in their work, in their married life and any other project that they take up. Allow them to dream big.

BLUE THEME – to celebrate the birth of your young one, blue is a beautiful theme. It is not gender biased and is a great mood enhancer. You can use blue lights, especially in the night for décor. It can be a small scale setup at home or in the backyard, with only a few close family and friends invited for a quiet and intimate sit-down dinner or high-tea.

WHITE THEME – this theme can be used to celebrate the birth of your baby. You can go all white. White gives out a royal touch to any celebration. White signifies peace, purity and love. White also complements all cultures and traditions. With this theme wish for peace and prosperity for your baby girl. 

PEACOCK THEME – with a hint of blue, green and white this is a great backdrop for a cradle ceremony. This peacock symbolizes grace and beauty. It dances in the rain and has the most intense eyes. For all those parents looking to enhance these aspects, this is a great theme. It is also a bird, which cannot fly – much like humans.

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