First Birthday Decor

Hurray your little one is ONE already and it certainly calls for a celebration!!! Well if you are in doubt as to how to go about it, don’t worry I have lined up some exotic birthday decors that you are certainly going to enjoy.

MOON AND STARS THEME: you can bring in the birth of your newborn with this sparkly theme with the hope that your child dreams big enough to reach the star and the moon. We already have people and robots stationed on the moon. Encourage your child to think big and dream bigger – but with their eyes wide open.

SUNSHINE THEME: Your one year old is the sunshine in your life. You can bring in the first birthday with oranges, and lemons and lemons tarts. They say that when life gives you lemons – make lemonade. Wish for a ‘lemonade’ life for your child. Wish that there is sunshine in their lives for as long as they need it in any way possible. Teach them to be a guiding light to those who might need it.

COWBOY THEME: those living in the countryside, or celebrating their baby’s first at a farm – a cowboy theme is a perfect splendor. With horses galore, popcorns, movie nights, cowboy hats and cupcakes red and white – this is a perfect way of celebrating the old. It is traditional and allows the flexibility to explore and expand as a culture.

JUNGLE THEME: for those who love animals, have a lot of pets – jungle theme is a great way of showing that love. Bring in your child’s first, with animals all around. This instills a sense of love for all beings in the child. It also encourages their imagination to go wild – quiet literally.

TEDDY BEAR THEME: those living a proper city life, are too busy to plan an elaborate theme, but still want to celebrate one year with their baby – just go for soft toys as décor. You can use teddy bears – because everyone loves them – you can use all and any soft toy owned by your kid or your neighbors’ kid. This saves time, is economically more apt and can turn into an intimate gathering for close family and friends.

SNOW WHITE THEME:snow white and the seven dwarfs is a great fairytale known to every child. This theme is a perfect décor for your baby girl’s first. You can dress her up as snow white – you can go with a white or baby pink color palette, use the characters in the story to dress up people and just use the story line to your advantage. It is a perfect getaway from a normal celebration and definitely one worth remembering.  It will make for great memories in the future.

BALLOONS THEME: for a budget friendly and cost effective celebration – balloons are your best friend. You can pool in a group of friends – ask them to arrange the balloons – and fill the room. The process is very bonding, and a super fun element for your baby. It does not need elaborate planning and is a great theme for parents with a busy lifestyle as well. The color palette is large and the entire room is your canvas to experiment with.

PRINCESS THEME: bring in your princesses first big day with a royal celebration. Let the people know that the birth of this young one, fills up your kingdom with love and light. With this birthday wish for a prosperous and a fulfilling life for your little princess. Tiaras, crowns, gowns, multi-tiered cake, pastries, flowers and many more add to this theme.

BLUE THEME:  for your birthday boy’s first, use blue as your choice of color for decoration. Blue balloons, blue cake, blue coded dress for all invitees, blue onesies and a whole lot of blue. Make sure this scares all the blues away from your little one’s life and fills it with sunshine and laughter.

MAGIC THEME: with wands and elves, and magical stories of enchanted forests and wild happenings this is a great way of telling your child that there are creatures beyond ones imagination, and that magic truly exists. If you are somebody who believes in miracles then treat your baby like one with this magical theme. You can use colors of your choice and décor can be as creative as ones imagination possibly allows.

PINK THEME: to color block your baby girl’s first – pink is a perfect color. Pink balloons, pink onesies, pink cupcakes, pink candy, pink sheets, pink walls and a whoel lot of pink. You can create a pink dress code for all the tiny tots who have been invited to the party.

BOHEMIAN THEME: For a small, outdoor gathering for a lunch you can create a simple yet elegant look for your baby’s first. It can be a brunch, with some outdoor activities for the guests. If the celebration is during spring time – the sun will shining brightly above adding that extra element of warmth to the celebration.

WINTER GALORE: for a warm winter celebration, you can light the fireplace, use a lot of candles and balloons to fill up the living room. This is a perfect cozy winter celebration idea for those who cannot have an outdoor celebration. You can use scented candles, fairy lights, and a whole lot of fire.

FLORAL THEME: Flowers are a very pretty and an aesthetic décor item. You can use roses, lilies, daisies, bougainvillea and a lot more. These are perfect for those who love gardens, or own a little terrace garden. Flowers almost always give that extra oomph to any function.

CACTUS THEME: cactus is known to bring good luck and wishes to anybody. It is given when someone gets a new job, or opens a new business or goes to school for the first time. Since this is your baby’s first ever birthday bash – with a cactus theme you can wish for all the love, luck and growth for your child. The green also signifies prosperity and peace.

DINOSAUR THEME:  dinosaurs are extinct animals but they have a wild legacy behind them. With this theme pray that your child leaves behind a legacy that will be remembered for thousands of years to come.

MERMAID THEME: mermaids and an under the sea theme is a great décor idea for those who live by the beach or live in the city but love the water. Pearls, sea shells, mermaid costumes, broken castles are all a great and an amazing way of bringing in your baby’s first birthday. Some may have stories to share form their days at the sea or this is a perfect time to wind down with a dose of Disney movies like Little Mermaid or Finding Nemo.

SPACE THEME: today we live in a world where access to the space is limitless. There are no boundaries to one’s imagination. You can use this theme as a reminder for your child and yourself that breaking free from all limitations and boundaries gives you true freedom in every sense.

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