Travelling with a baby can be quite the hassle. Moreover it is our responsibility as a parent, to ensure their safety. This is where a baby car seat becomes necessary. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), usage of car seats reduces the risk of injury by 71–82% in children.


  1. Graco 4Ever DLX 4 in 1 Car Seat
  2. Luvlap 4 in 1 Infant/Baby Car Seat
  3. Fisher-Price Convertible Baby Seat
  4. Trumom (USA) Baby Convertible Sports Car Seat
  5. Luvlap Comfy Baby Car Seat
  6. Little Pumpkin – Kiddie Kingdom – Infant Car Seat
  7. R for Rabbit Jumping Jack Grand Convertible Baby Car Seat
  8. Chicco KeyFit 2011 Car Seat
  9. Mee Mee Baby Car Seat
  10. Mothercare Advance XP Highback Booster Car Seat

1.  Graco 4Ever DLX 4 in 1 Car Seat

This 4 in 1 car seat is a perfect purchase if you are looking for a good, reliable and long term investment. I would recommend this particularly because it can be used even as your baby grows, up to 10 years of age. It can support a weight of 5-54 kgs. The other features that I found attractive are:

  1. PROS

The car seat is very safe, with even side impact protection. The 5 point harness system is simple to configure and keeps your child safe without suffocating him/her too much.

The seat also comes with extra padding which keeps your baby comfortable, while also managing to remain lightweight and compact.

It also has 2 integrated cup holders and a steel reinforced frame for strength and durability.

  • CONS

The only thing that disappointed me about this car seat is its high price.

2.  Luvlap 4 in 1 Infant/Baby Car Seat

This car seat from Luvlap is yet another one of my favourites. This 4 in 1 Infant/baby car seat has a multipurpose use and is effective as a car seat, a rocker, a carrycot, and a feeding cot. According to me, its incredible flexibility and customizability makes this one stand out from the rest. This is among the few best baby car seat stroller combos, offering you versatility.

  1. PROS

The best feature about this car seat is definitely its versatility. It is also ECE R44/04 certified which ensures the safety and performance of the seat. The 5-point safety harness ensures that your child is protected even in the roughest of car rides. It also has an adjustable headrest and a backrest that supports your child’s spine efficiently.

Newborns can also comfortably use the car seat until the age of 15 months.

It has a unique canopy function that allows you to take the car seat out of the car and into all weather conditions. This is yet another feature that I find greatly useful.

  • CONS

Some things that I did not enjoy about this car seat are that it has only one reclining position, it is heavy and that it also limits the duration of use as it can be used only upto 15 months.

3.  Fisher-Price Convertible Baby Seat

One of the most reputed brands when it comes to children’s products, this car seat from Fisher-Price does not disappoint. It is perfect as it can be used from infancy to the toddler years by converting it from a rear-facing baby seat to a forward-facing car seat. It offers a vast number of features, that I found useful:

  1. PROS

It is made of high-quality materials and ensures complete safety for your baby. It can support a weight of 9 kg in rear facing mode and 18 kg in forward facing modes. I find it reassuring that it has certified safety of European standards.

It is made of 100 percent safe white virgin plastic and has side impact protection with soft side wings. It also comes in 3 reclining positions which is a great feature.

For mothers, another attractive feature may be that it comes with easily removable cushions for washing. It is also lightweight and easily portable.

  • CONS

I did not find any noticeable cons for this product, and I would definitely suggest you to buy it.

4.  Trumom (USA) Baby Convertible Sports Car Seat

Trumom, a reputed brand from the USA has come out with one of the best options for a baby car seat. I would highly suggest going for this brand as their products are CE approved. They are also free from BPA and made from safe plastic which makes them very safe to use.

  1. PROS

The major highlight about this car seat would definitely be its quality and safety. It has a 5 in 1 harness that secures your baby very well, without suffocating them, while providing extra padding.

 It is useful for children up to the age of 7 years and carries up to 25 kgs.

 It also has a 3 in 1 recline setting that allows you to adjust the seat based on your child’s comfort. Being easy to install and remove it also makes for a great option in terms of convenience.

  • CONS

Although it is one of the safest options out there, I find it slightly expensive for the features it provides.

5.  Luvlap Comfy Baby Car Seat

Another favourite from the house of Luvlap is the Luvlap Comfy baby car seat. It is one of the highest reviewed car seats on amazon, and one of my personal favourites too.  This car seat has a 5 point harness system that keeps your child strapped to the seat and very safe even at the most vulnerable times.

  1. PROS

One of the things that stood out to me is the fact that the harness and headrest height can easily be adjusted according to how big your child is. If your child is between 9 months to 5 years, it is recommended to use the harness and the headrest features. Above five years of age, the seat can be converted into a booster seat.

It is also relatively less expensive when compared to the other car seats from the same brand.

Additionally, it also has a certification of ECE R44/04 for safety.

  • CONS

One thing that disappointed me was that it does not have extra armrest protection.

6.  Little Pumpkin – Kiddie Kingdom – Infant Car Seat

Little Pumpkin is a brand that produces cute yet safe products for your baby. This baby car seat from the brand can be used for multiple purposes and looks very beautiful, which is what interested me.

  1. PROS

Some features of this car seat that I found useful are that it maintains a 3 point safety harness, its compact and light-weight design, its unique handle and its ease of use.

The product is designed in such a way that the arms of your baby won’t get tired during travel. It also claims that it can resist a weight of upto 13 kgs

It is available in two different colours and the cover is also easily removable and washable. Besides these, it can be used as a car seat, carrycot, feeding chair, rocker.

One great feature that I noticed is that it comes with an inbuilt canopy protecting your baby from sunlight.

  • CONS

I was a little disappointed with the size of this car seat, and felt that it could have been a little more bigger.

7.  R for Rabbit Jumping Jack Grand Convertible Baby Car Seat

Another one of my highly recommended brands when it comes to baby products, this car seat from R for Rabbit is unique in its own ways. This car seat makes it easy for you to travel with your baby for now and the future as well. If you’re an enthusiastic traveller, this car seat is a very good option for you and your child.

Here are a few of its advantages:

  1. PROS

One thing I found truly interesting and reassuring is that this product has been crash-tested many times and has an additional ECE R44/04 certification for safety.

It is extremely versatile, reliable, long-lasting and durable.

It comes with a 5 point safety harness and even luxurious cushions that are soft which can easily be removed and washed.

  • CONS

One thing that I did find negative was that there is no easy access to the child as the armrests get in the way.

8. Chicco KeyFit 2011 Car Seat

Chicco is another reliable brand that I can blindly trust when it comes to the quality of baby products. It is exceptionally durable and easy to use. As one of the best in this list, the effortless installation procedure, along with the permanent rear-facing configuration makes it a great option to consider.

  1. PROS

Some of the features that made me suggest this are that it can accommodate your baby from the newborn stage up until he/she is 13 kg in weight. It is best in safety as the 5-point harness system keeps your child strapped to the car seat.

A unique feature that attracted me is that the carrier shell is lined with EPS energy-absorbing foam for improved impact protection. This feature, along with the padded harness, ensures your child’s safety even in rough circumstances.

I find that it is also very versatile and convenient, as it can easily be removed from the car and attached to the stroller. It also has a very ergonomic handle for easy use.

  • CONS

The few things that I did not enjoy about this car seat are the lack of adjustable positions and its restrictions in terms of age and weight.

9. Mee Mee Baby Car Seat

MeeMee is yet another popular brand when it comes to manufacturing top-quality baby products. It is easy to use and install and dynamic in its purpose – serving as a carrycot, rocker and car seat. It is one of the best baby car seat stroller combos.

  1. PROS

 The car seat is travel-friendly and extremely portable, as it is extremely light-weight.

The extra soft padding of the cushions make the seat very comfortable, ensuring that your child gets the best naps.

The car seat also comes with a mesh canopy that provides your child with protection in all weather. Another unique feature that I noticed about this car seat is that it also comes with a mosquito net that keeps insects and bugs away.

It also has a three-point safety harness that allows your child to be safe and comfortable.

I would say that this is a go-to product if you’re looking for value for your money as it is surely one of the best baby car seats in india.


One thing that disappointed me is that after your child gets old, it might be challenging to use the rocker and carrycot feature.

Also, you cannot use this seat after your child grows beyond 18 months.

10. Mothercare Advance XP Highback Booster Car Seat

True to its name, Mothercare is a brand that cares for your baby’s safety like a mother does. The Mothercare Advance XP Highback Car Seat is a great option and it is fit for children from nine months of age to 11-years,  or until your child is 36 kgs.

The features that I found beneficial are:

  1. PROS

The height of the headrest is adjustable depending on your baby’s size. The car seat also comes with side impact protection which provides protection from unfortunate accidents. The seats are nicely padded and come with armrests that give your child comfort from all sides.

One great feature is that these armrests are easy to swivel in and out of the seat which helps you move your baby in and out of the seat easily..

There is also an integral harness for younger children from 9 months to 4 years which you can remove later for the other children.

  • CONS

I was disappointed that it does not have a front-facing protection, which can leave your child vulnerable in some situations.

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