Burping Your Baby- Here is what you need to know.

Motherhood and childbirth are a blessing. But with them come a myriad of
challenges and responsibilities. It is no news that newborns require even basic
activities done for them by a third party. Therefore, it is only fitting to ring up
the curtain from one of these very basic responsibilities- burping. It doesn’t
sound like a major league, but it sure is one for a baby, and that is why every
parent must be adequately educated on it.

Why should I burp my baby?

While being breastfed babies tend to swallow some air, which makes them
cranky, gassy and uncomfortable. Adults can burp on their own, however infants,
obviously need to be burped by someone else so they can pass the gas that they
swallow during feeding easily.

Do I have to burp my child every time I feed her?

It is exceedingly crucial for a baby to be burped after feeding. However, in
certain cases, the child can release that gas on her own (usually after 4-6 months
a child learns to pass that gas herself). Parents need to identify if their kid needs
to be burped or not.

How do I know if my child needs to be burped?
If you notice your baby resisting feeding or if she is cranky them it may be a sign
that she needs to be burped. Children tend to be gassy, may spit a lot or
seem fussy during feeding when they feel the need to release gas. Having said
that, if the child doesn’t burp a lot, it’s nothing to be scared about. The baby will
burp according to the amount of gas they have swallowed.

How do I burp my baby?
Remember, always carry a cloth while burping for situations like spit up or wet
burps and the trick, which is constant throughout these methods is to gently pat
a baby’s back to coax the burp out. The way the baby is held will differ in the
three methods. Lastly, make sure that the baby’s neck and head are supported
and follow. These steps, but slowly.

Method 1

  • First things first, keep the cloth on your shoulder or back. Hold your baby
  • Very carefully rest your baby’s face or belly on your shoulder. While resting her
    belly, make sure her neck is stable.
  • Use one hand to pat your baby on the back, but very gently
  • While your baby is sitting
  • Lay your cloth on your lap for cleanliness purposes.
  • Place your baby on your lap (with their back towards you) and carefully
    support her chest and face
  • Using your other hand, pat your baby’s back.
  • While your baby is laying down
  • Similar to the other two methods, place the cloth on your lap.
  • Make sure your baby is lying down across your knees.
  • Supporting your baby’s neck and head, again, is of primary concern.
  • Please note: your baby’s head must be elevated above her chest.
  • I think by now you’ll know what to do next: pat your baby’s back, gently.
    Note: If patting doesn’t work, your can also rub your hand in a circular motion.
    What to do after burping babies?
    The milk might come back up. To prevent that from happening, hold your baby
    upright for at least 15 minutes. You can alter this time period as per your
    preferences and what suits your child. But even if your baby spits sometimes,
    there is no cause for worry usually.

  • Can I burp my child after she has fallen asleep?
    Of course! There is no harm in burping your baby while she is sleeping. Although,
    it’s a little tricky and care should be taken while doing so. Breastfeeding is
    calming for babies. Hence, it is normal for children to sleep during the process.
    You can always burp your baby using the same three methods mentioned above
    while she is asleep.

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