Easy Ways To Encourage Kids (Mainly Toddlers) At Home During Lockdown

Children are free-spirited and have a lot of energy coursing through them during most hours of the day. The ‘Lockdown’ enforced in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic has them children restricted to the confines of their homes leaving them with very limited space for movement and physical recreation. Also, thanks to the ‘Lockdown’ kids are unable to meet others their own age, their extended family or go out for picnics with family and friends which can affect their mental health.

Following are some methods which can help in the recreation and the mental growth of children during Lockdown:

  • Babies 0-9 years of age
    • Playing with them games like peek-a-boo in which the parents hide behind their hands and then show their face to the child with funny expressions. This can instantly delight a child and put a smile on their face.
    • Pointing at different things and saying their name can aid in building their language skills
    • Singing in front of and along with the baby using musical instruments or rattles – aids in sensory development
    • Playing body games – pointing at different body parts and telling their names to the child
  • Toddlers 1-2 years of age
    • Playing with toy cars by making sounds like ‘vroom’ can entertain kids
    • Making different sounds by banging on different utensils or musical instruments, if available
    • Allowing the children to draw freely on paper can help unleash their creative side and talking to them about the colors they used in their piece of art will help them identify colors better
    • Playing ball pass
  • Children aged 3-4 years
    • Playing dress-up with them
    • When the child has too much energy, it can be expended by playing chase with the child all around the house
    • Mimicking different noises and animal sounds and making the child identify them
    • Challenging the child to do different tasks, especially ones relating to bodily coordination can help them grow more aware of each body part and related action
    • Playing with building blocks and solving jigsaw puzzles help aid cognitive development in kids
  • Young children aged 5-8 years
    • Playing obstacle games and treasure hunts
    • Ask the child to come up with imaginary scenarios and play along with them
    • Making snacks with the child
    • Teaching them yoga
    • Making them learn new languages
    • Engaging them in art and craft

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