Burping Your Baby- Here is what you need to know.

Motherhood and childbirth are a blessing. But with them come a myriad ofchallenges and responsibilities. It is no news that newborns require even basicactivities done for them by a third party. Therefore, it is only fitting to ring upthe curtain from one of these very basic responsibilities- burping. It doesn’tsound like a major league, but […]


Colic is defined as intense crying or fussiness perceived in healthy infants with usually nounderlying reason. These bouts of irritation are generally observed during the same timeeveryday (mostly afternoons & evenings) & may go on for about 3 or more hours a day, 3 ormore days a week & for more than 3 weeks.Colic is […]


A good oil massage can be beneficial for your little one, in multiple ways. It provides sensory stimulation, assists in muscle strengthening, improves communication, helps in digestion and has countless other benefits. The oil can also help nourish your baby’s soft skin and lock in the moisture. However, it is always important to pick a […]


A new born baby is a delicate and fragile being with needs that are very much different than ours. Their skin is different, it is more delicate and gentler, and they tend to lose moisture faster, which can lead to dry skin. Therefore, they require special products which help to retain the moisture and maintain […]


10 BEST BABY BOTTLE STERILIZERS Babies are delicate, fragile and more prone to infections when compared to adults. Since babies cannot look out for themselves, it becomes our responsibility to protect them. The baby’s milk bottle needs to be sterilized or cleaned well in boiling water with regular use. However for mothers who are working, […]


As you bring a baby into this world, it becomes your responsibility to ensure their comfort and protection. Babies are not “miniature adults” and their needs are vastly different from ours. Every new mother is met with crossroads at every point in her baby shopping experience. It can be confusing as there are plenty of […]


A good quality feeding bottle is a necessary investment for all babies, during the first year of your baby’s life. If your baby is bottle-feed right from birth, you will have to be aware and buy a good quality anti-colic bottle. If you are breastfeeding and formula feeding simultaneously, you may want to buy bottles […]


Babies have soft and delicate skin, different from that of adults. From the moment we bring them into this world, it becomes our responsibility to ensure that we keep them comfortable and safe. Diaper rash is a very common issue faced by most babies. It causes intense irritation and discomfort to the poor souls. This […]

Jaundice in Newborns

Newborns especially preterm babies have a high amount of red blood cells in their body. Both the spleen and bone marrow are producers in the initial days following birth. The rate of destruction of red blood cells is slower due to slow metabolism and the amount of bilirubin produced is considerably high. High bilirubin in […]

Baby Colic

Breast milk is considered as – complete nutrition, for the baby. It has the right amount of everything that a baby can possibly need, at least for the first six months. The gut of a baby is very immature, and it can only digest human milk easily. Any other form of milk will be hard […]