Teething in Babies – Age, Symptoms and More

Teething in Babies

Aren’t you excited to see those little pearly white teeth of your babies? I must tell you I was so excited to see when my son’s first tooth erupted.  What is teething? Teething is a process when your baby’s teeth starts coming out through their gum line. It is also called as odontiasis.  When do […]

What can Parents Do to Help Improve Kids Vision Development?

What can Parents Do to Help Improve Kids Vision Development

Vision of a baby develops gradually, even after birth up until the first 2 to 3 years. It needs to be taken care of with utmost care to ensure healthy eyes throughout life. The following if adhered to properly will do just the same.  BIRTH TO 4 MONTHS:  It is best to use a dim light […]

Amblyopia or Lazy Eye – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Amblyopia or Lazy Eye - Causes-Treatment

I must tell you this condition is a bit tricky. As a parent it is difficult to make out if your child is seeing well. You might notice very subtle changes initially. Sometimes as he grows up, there might be deterioration in his academic performance, confidence and outlook.   The child will slowly turn into an introvert and eventually as a parent you either blame yourselves for not spending enough time […]

Color Blindness in Toddlers

Color Blindness in Toddlers

Did you know at birth babies see exclusively black, white and a few shades of grey? Colors are experienced when the light reaches the retina of the eye.   But what is retina? Retina is a tightly packed nerve cell seen at the back of your eyes.  These nerve cells are called rods and cones and they are not fully developed in new born babies.  The rods help us with light and darkness but the cones help us to identify the different colors.  Again the cones […]

Cradle Cap – What Causes it and How to Treat?

Cradle Cap - Causes and Treatment

Have you noticed a crusty or a scaly patch on your baby’s scalp? Well this condition is not painful or itchy for your newborn. So don’t panic!!   Cradle cap is an extremely common among the new born. It usually starts in the scalp but can extend to other areas like the ear, nose and eye lids. It is the common term for Infantile Seborrheic Dermatitis as it is seen where there are a great number of oil producing sebaceous glands.    It is a non- infectious skin condition  usually seen in […]

How to Protect Your Baby’s Skin?

How to Protect Babys Skin

Baby’s skin is synonym for a perfect, subtle and glossy skin. It is so natural, clean and shiny. But at the same time it is extremely sensitive. So it is important we take utmost care of it and protect it.   I thought I will share with you all some simple tips which you can follow to help your baby retain that glowy skin.  Sun: try to limit sun exposure between 10 am to 4 […]

Baby Acne or Rash – Causes & Treatment

Baby Acne or Rash - Cause-Treatment

You have noticed a few tiny red pimples on your baby’s face just when you have planned for your baby ‘s photo shoot. Don’t worry even I have been there. So we usually have the baby’s naming ceremony after 28 days of birth and I had planned for a grand celebration. I invited all my friends and relatives home. Well on the 28th day when I woke up and saw my son’s face I saw few red […]