Retinopathy of Prematurity – Stages, Cause, Treatment

Retinopathy of Prematurity - Stages Cause Treatment

You might have heard this word but you still wonder what it is right.   Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) is a condition when there is an abnormal development of the retina vessels in premature infants. We all know that the retina is the inner layer of the eye that receives light and then turns Iight into visual images which are then sent to the brain.  In most cases the ROP gets cured without causing any damage to the retina. But when it becomes severe, it can […]

Pink Eyes in Babies – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Pink Eyes in Babies - Causes Symptoms Treatment

Pink eye or redness of the eye of your baby is certainly one of the things most parents worry about. However redness of the eye is a very common condition and almost every newborn gets this. So parents don’t worry you will get through this easily.   What is pink eye?  Pink eye or conjunctivitis happens when the conjunctiva […]

Watery Eyes – Causes & Treatment for Watery Eyes in Babies

Watery Eyes - Causes Treatment for Watery eyes in babies

Watering from the eye of your toddler could again make you anxious. Well let me tell you there are many reasons why it happens.     Watering from the eye can happen due to blocked tear ducts, infections or even allergies.  Each one of them will require a different approach. For some of them minimal action from the parents can help while for some it is advisable […]

Congenital Cataract

Congenital Cataract

Won’t you agree with me if I say that most of you believe that cataracts can occur only in adults? Well it is not true.  Even babies and children can be born with cataract or can develop them as they age.  Just like in adult cataract, congenital cataract also has clouding of the lens of the eye causing a blurriness of vision.  How does Congenital Cataract affect a baby?  A baby who has cataract will not be able to […]

Congenital Glaucoma

Congenital Glaucoma in Kids

You all must be wondering what this condition is. Well let me first explain to you how a normal healthy eye works.   In a healthy eye, the eye fluid circulates under a normal pressure and brings in nutrients that are essential for the eye. And it drains out through a network of cells and tissues. There is a constant circulation of this fluid in the eye. But what happens in glaucoma is this entire […]