Diapers: All that you need to know

Diapers or ‘nappies’ are essentially underwear which can absorb the liquid or solid excreta of the wearer and prevent their outer clothing from being soiled. Diapers are usually worn by infants, toddlers who have not been toilet trained, bedwetting children, very old people, patients in hospitals who are bedridden and people who have underlying medical […]


As you bring a baby into this world, it becomes your responsibility to ensure their comfort and protection. Babies are not “miniature adults” and their needs are vastly different from ours. Every new mother is met with crossroads at every point in her baby shopping experience. It can be confusing as there are plenty of […]

How to Change Baby’s Diaper?

how to change diaper

I know changing diapers is certainly not the favorite thing you like to do. But trust me you will end up doing it so many times that by the end of the journey you will be a pro at it. And maybe even you could add to on to more tips and share it with all of us.   But if you’re a beginner let me take you through this.  At the beginning you will make […]