Is It Safe To Take Medicines While Breastfeeding?

Breast feeding is a particularly important journey undertaken by new mothers to nurse their child to health. Apart from this, it has multiple other benefits – reduces the risk of pregnancy, allows women to regulate their hormones, the healthiest way for a woman to gain back her original weight post-partum and last but not the […]

Bottle Feeding – Advantages And Disadvantages

Breast feeding a newborn at least in the first six months post-partum, is the most organic and natural method for a healthy baby and a healthier mother. It increases their bond, digests the milk properly and ensures good hormonal functioning in the mother. But, due to reasons such as mastitis, premature birth, breast tumor, cracked […]

Tips to Avoid Engorged Breasts or Sore Nipples

Tips to Avoid Engorged Breasts or Sore Nipples

Breast-feeding mothers have very sensitive breast. The tissue undergoes several changes as it prepares for lactation. Milk is produced and stored, causing the size of the breasts to increase rapidly and make them sore. The skin is more tender, areola (the tissue around the nipple) becomes darker, several small and the nipple enlarges to accommodate the baby, […]

Breastfeeding – Is my Baby Getting Enough Milk?

Breastfeeding - Is baby getting enough milk

Ask me about this. I am so sure every single mom who has breastfed their baby will constantly have this thought in their mind!!” Is my baby getting enough milk? Is my baby still hungry? Am I doing it the right way?”  These questions keep running in your mind more so if you are a first time mom and during those initial few days of feeding your baby.  The quantity of milk […]