What Are The Signs Of Labor?

Labor is defined as a series of continuous, progressive contractions of the uterus that help in the dilation thinning (effacement) of the cervix allowing the baby to move through the birth canal. A study mentions that labor generally starts around 2 weeks before or after the due date of delivery. In general, the whole process […]

How To Calculate Due Date In Pregnancy

The due date in pregnancy, clinically referred to as the “estimated due date (EDD)” is a very vital information when it comes to charting the patient’s data in the hospital/clinic directory. This information also plays a significant role in determining the timing for appropriate gynecological care, scheduling & interpretation of certain prenatal tests, determining the […]

Ideal Time To Do The Pregnancy Test At Home

Most women suspect pregnancy if they have missed their period after sexual intercourse. Some couples who are planning for a family might suspect that they might be pregnant only a week after their intercourse. To clarify whether someone is pregnant or not, clinics and pharmacies present in almost all the settlements offer pregnancy tests to […]

Ways To Reduce Weight Post Delivery

Weight gain is normal during pregnancy. The amount of weight gained during pregnancy is important for the health of the pregnancy and for the health of the mother and the child during pregnancy. The recommended amount of weight that should be gained by a woman during pregnancy depends on her body mass index (BMI) before […]

Difference & Similarity Between Coronavirus & Flu-virus

Differences All organisms existing in nature are categorized into different groups based on their distinctive characteristics. Similarly viruses are a group of organisms found in nature which are mostly infectious in nature and are categorized into different families and sub-families based on their composition and the organisms they infect. The COVID-19 causing virus, SARS-CoV-2 belongs […]

Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy is a typical case of pregnancy in which the fertilized egg doesn’t attaches to theuterus instead it gets attached to the abdominal cavity, cervix. A fertilized egg doesn’t grow anywhere properly other than uterus. In case of ectopic pregnancy thisis the major problem where the egg doesn’t attaches to the uterus.In case of […]

Epidural Injection During Labour

INTRODUCTION The long and eventful journey of pregnancy ultimately culminates in the grand event of childbirth. It is a beautiful and overwhelming moment for the mother, who after months of waiting finally gets to meet her baby. However, it is completely natural for most women to be riddled with anxiety because of the anticipated pain […]