Recovery After a Normal Delivery – Postpartum Care

Recovery after normal delivery

Pregnancy is often a long and tumultuous journey for a mother, where her body is subjected to various demands and needs by the growing fetus. However, it is also a period of beautiful hope, and optimism. This journey ultimately culminates in childbirth, when the mother finally gets to meet her baby. This can indeed be […]

Preeclampsia – Meaning, Symptoms, Treatment and More

Preeclampsia - Meaning-Symptoms-Treatment

Pregnancy is indeed an exciting chapter of a woman’s life. While expecting for the baby to arrive, it can be a time filled with hopes and dreams for the future child. During this time, the soon-to-be mother may have a lot of anticipation and worries about certain conditions that may arise during pregnancy. One such […]

Home Pregnancy Tests – Types of Tests, Understanding the Results

Home pregnancy test

Being pregnant and being able to bring a child of one’s own, into this world, can be a very joyous and exciting prospect for a woman. After months or years of harbouring hope, it can indeed be fulfilling and beyond overwhelming for a woman to get a “positive” result in her pregnancy test. However, this […]

hCG Levels during Pregnancy – Levels, Fluctuations and When to Consult a Doc?

Hcg levels during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a journey of transformation for the mother, where her body prepares itself for creating the perfect home for the growing baby. Changes are vast, as it gets accustomed to the new tenant. The body responds by producing proteins, hormones etc. which ensures that all the needs of the fetus are met. One such […]

Braxton Hicks Contractions – Dangers and Measures to Alleviate

Braxton Hicks Contractions

Pregnancy is a time of hope, happiness and anticipation. The maternal body is subjected to several demands, due to the rapid growth of the fertilized ovum, and these demands are met by certain changes that the body undergoes. Sometimes, some of these changes may cause  apprehension for the mother, and may be a cause of […]

Sleep Patterns During Pregnancy

Sleep Pattern During Pregnancy

After many sleepless nights, and years of hoping and praying, for many women, a positive pregnancy test result comes as an immense relief. The moment brims with joy and overwhelming emotions, as she prepares herself mentally and physically, for a long and demanding journey. In this journey, her body evolves, habits change, and new ones […]

C-Section Recovery – What to Expect, Recovery Time and Tips

Recovery after c section

Pregnancy is much comparable to an odyssey, a long and eventful experience. After harbouring her unborn child for many months, the mother’s wait finally comes to a closure under the grand setting of labour or childbirth. It can indeed be a moment of overpowering emotions for the mother, and everyone else whose attention has now […]