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Is it safe to use a cloth cradle for my baby?

Rohini Nabh
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Hi Doctor i follow your website regularly. Really helpful !!

Is it safe to use a cloth cradle for my baby?

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Dr. Mridula Amarnath
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Hi Rohini


Using a cloth cradle can come with its own benefits as well as disadvantages. These are as follows:


  1. Benefits:
  • It holds your baby snugly, as though your baby has been swaddled.
  • It can create gentle rocking movements which can be soothing for the baby
  • It helps to evenly distribute your baby's weight, causing less stress on muscles and joints, minimizing the risk of 'flat head'.


  1. Risks:
  • Your baby could get used to the rocking motion of the cloth cradle and may take longer to adjust to a stationary cot or bed.
  • After the baby starts rolling over, the baby may find it difficult to roll back again, and it may lead to obstruction in breathing.
  • Some fabrics may not allow enough circulation of air, and might overheat a baby.


It is not completely unsafe to opt for a cloth cradle. With necessary precautions, it can be an excellent option for a baby to sleep in. Some precautions to be followed are:


  • Check if the cradle is strong enough to support the baby’s weight
  • Do not put any pillows, blankets or soft toys in the cradle as they can pose a suffocation and overheating risk.
  • Ensure that the fabric used is soft cotton or linen, and is easy to remove and wash.
  • Ensure sufficient airflow
  • Don’t hang any accessories as they may pose choking and strangulation risk.
  • Do not swing the cradle too fast.
  • As a security measure put a roll-out mattress or some form of firm bedding under the cloth cradle.