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Is it ok to let the baby cry it out?

Abaya Hiranmayi
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Is it ok to let the baby cry it out?

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Dr. Mridula Amarnath
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Hi Abaya,


All babies and parents are different, and there is no “one size fits all” strategy when it comes to parenting. Most often it is required to find the right balance, and in this case, the “cry-it-out” method is effective and safe, provided it is well controlled and monitored. Initially your baby might require 10 minutes to self soothe and go back to sleep, and the duration gradually reduces as the days pass.  It is important to remember that while this method can be practised, it has to be under proper settings where the baby is well fed, cuddled and diapered properly, and it does not mean that you can let the baby cry for hours, alone.